Our Manifesto

we believe in clear purpose, intentional design, and consistent messaging.

Branding attracts the right people to your product or service, sets you apart from your competitors, and establishes trust in the marketplace. Most importantly, effective branding builds audiences; and, at sejo, we help you build an effective brand that’s committed to three principles: clear purpose, intentional design, and consistent messaging.

Clear purpose

A stated, well-defined reason for existence that answers four questions:

  • What do you do?
  • Why do you do it?
  • How do you do it?
  • Who do you do it for?

Intentional design

Brand identity elements (i.e. logo, color palette, typography suite) reflect your purpose and target your ideal customer

Consistent messaging

Everything–from how you look (brand design) and what you say (brand language) to how you interact with your audience/how your audience interacts with you (brand experiences)–remains the same in every interaction

we believe in authenticity and transparency.

sejo was born at a kitchen table on a humid afternoon in August 2016. From that day forward, we’ve worked to keep no secrets and tell no lies–what you see is what you get! At our core, we’re a mother-daughter duo who married our complimentary skillsets and opened a branding design studio because we wanted to (1) work together and (2) help hardworking, dedicated, skilled people turn their product- or service-based business into an effective brand. We’re craftswomen and artists with a designer’s approach to production, and we develop products that are innovative, functional, aesthetically pleasing, useful, intuitive, and end-user focused. Like you, we’re navigating the triumphs and trials of business ownership one day at a time, and we like to openly share our professional lives in the hopes of better connecting with you.


Design Lead

Background: Brand development, marketing department head, graphic and layout design

Education: B.A. in Graphic Design, Illustration minor

Hobbies: Pool, painting, interior design



Content Lead

Background: Social media management, content creation, video production, photography

Education: B.A. in Communication Studies (Broadcasting & Electronic Media concentration), Management minor

Hobbies: beach, skimboarding, filmmaking

we believe in community over competition.

This is a bit awkward–I’m going to talk about me (Jordyn) for a moment. Growing up, Mom and Dad always encouraged my sister and I to do well in school, not to necessarily be the top in the class, but to do the best that we were capable of. In high school, I started bringing home “C”-marked Chemistry tests, and my parents asked me, “Did you do the best you could do?” Unfortunately, Chemistry wasn’t my cup of tea, and those C’s were my best effort. As such, they never got upset with me–over Chemistry, I should add. (On the other hand, the same couldn’t be said for my twin sister, who was a star at Chemistry and is now a clinical pharmacist at a level one trauma center).

Similarly, at sejo, we don’t concern ourselves with being the top branding design studio. Instead, we focus on establishing relationships with you in the hope that, if we better understand your needs, we can develop products that will best support you as you build and grow your brand.


contact us

If you would like to book a consultation call or have any questions regarding our services, please fill out the form or send an e-mail to the address below. All messages are read and responded to within 48 business hours; but, if you feel we might have missed your e-mail, please feel free to drop a note again.

E-mail: hello@sejodesign.com


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