6 Reasons Why We Use Divi + WordPress

May 22, 2018 | Studio Journal

At sejo, we stan Divi. Our website was built with Divi, the websites we build for our clients or to sell in our store, you guessed it–all Divi. Divi is a theme for WordPress, designed and sold by Elegant Themes. Unlike most website themes–where you can add, edit, or delete content but don’t have that much control of the design itself–Divi is made to be customized. For someone who maybe doesn’t have a proper background in web development but has a very specific vision for their website, it’s perfect. If we haven’t sold you yet, here are six reasons why we choose Divi.

1. It’s built for WordPress.

When it comes to picking out a website platform, there are a lot of options. From Wix and WordPress to the ever-trendy Squarespace, it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you. I’m like WordPress for the same reason I like Canon cameras–I’ve used it the longest. I’ve been using WordPress since I built my first website back in 2013, and I’ve never had issues with it (well, except for its shoddy “export” feature, but that’s a story for another time). When I first discovered Divi, it was a big deal for me that it was built for WordPress–no need to learn a new platform or content management system!

2. It’s budget friendly.

When you “buy” Divi, you’re not buying the theme itself but a subscription to Elegant Themes’ product library. As of May 2018, a year’s subscription is $89 and a lifetime subscription is only $249, guaranteeing you unlimited access to all of Elegant Themes’ WordPress themes and plugins, including Divi. Can you imagine if Netflix offered a lifetime subscription or, better yet, Adobe CC?

3. It’s updated often.

I’m sure your first question was, “Why do I need a lifetime subscription? I’m only going to need to download the theme once.” WRONG. The team at Elegant Themes must be working around the clock because it seems like there’s a new update every time I open my email inbox. I’m not just talking about an odd bug fix, these are usually big updates, often packed with new features, more options, and improved UI.

4. It’s designed with newbs in mind.

Are CSS/HTML/JS foreign languages to you? No worries, you can still design your own unique website with Divi’s intuitive builder plugin. Even if you’ve never even done something as simple as adjusting margins or padding before, you can still fulfill your vision. At its most basic level, Divi gives you the perfect shell of a website to build off from, and, technically speaking, you never even have to write a line of code if you don’t want to. But, I will admit, Divi has helped me develop (no pun intended) my coding skills. Without the pressure of having to build a website from scratch, I’ve been able to learn how to code as the need arises (which is a lot better way to learn, IMHO)!

5. It’s completely customizable.

Have I mentioned how customizable Divi is? I’ve never worked with a theme that’s given me such freedom. More than the basics like colors and fonts, I can make layout changes to the very pixel. When using other themes in the past, there were moments when I liked most of the theme but wanted to change a few elements; or, heaven forbid, I came across a bug but couldn’t make the desired (or necessary) changes without contacting the theme developer. With Divi, I’ve never had to settle.

6. It’s well supported.

If there’s anything better than the theme itself, the people who work on Divi are legends. I can’t quickly think of a product I’ve purchased before that offers an equivalent library of tools, tutorials, and resources that Divi does. On the daily, Divi staff post all kinds of tips, guides, and layout downloads for free on the Elegant Themes blog. Not only that, but the community of Divi theme users have always been helpful to me if I’ve ever had any a specific issue or problem.


In all, I can’t, in good faith, preach that Divi is the be-all, end-all solution for anyone looking for a new website. If we had a complex sitemap and were dealing with 50-plus pages, I would recommend considering other options. But, if you’re like us, managing a ~10-page website that’s primarily post-heavy and has little-to-no coding experience, I highly recommend investing in Divi. The best part? Elegant Themes offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you download it and find it’s not right for you, all you’re out is a little time.

Of course, in no way are we sponsored by Elegant Themes–this post is just an honest review of my Divi experience in the past 16 months or so. If you’re on the fence or have any questions about Divi and what it’s capable of, please feel free to reach out to us on Instagram or Twitter!


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